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Biohacking and Cyborg Rights: Coping with Promise & Peril

  • Coffman Memorial Union (map)


Description: Biohackers use, learn, and play with biological science and technology outside of academic and other institutional labs. Biohacking includes two types of activities: DIY Bio and Bodyhacking. Those doing DIY Bio use plasmids, yeast, jellyfish genes, to make glow in the dark beer, fish, and plants. Some are amateur scientists. Many are professional scientists. Bodyhackers include those who insert magnets, RFID chips, lasers, and genes into their bodies, seeking to enhance human capacity and redefine themselves as cyborgs. Biohackers often explain their activities in political and legal terms: extending democracy, exercising autonomy, and claiming rights as cyborgs. Professor Ikemoto examines the implications of “cyborg rights” for law and for defining the human.

CLE Credits: 1.5 Standard CLE credits have been requested; Event Code #265319

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