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*Comparative Processes: Civil, Family, and Community Mediation

  • Minnesota State Bar Association (map)

*Free for newly admitted lawyers only

Description: Of the processes available in ADR, the process of mediation has a well-established, well-defined structure.  Or does it?  Mediation is used in three distinct contexts in Minnesota: As a pre-cursor to civil litigation, as a standard part of the resolution of many family cases, and as a community resource for dispute resolution unrelated to court.  ADR processes are known for their flexibility and responsiveness to parties’ needs and mediation is no different.  From initial client contact, through designing and facilitating the mediated session(s), there are common elements that make mediation what it is.  There are also key differences between civil, family and community mediations.  In this CLE, participants will look under the hoods of these three types of mediation processes, comparing applicable statutes, general rules of practice and other process considerations and best practices.

CLE Credits: 1.0 Standard CLE credit applied for | Event code: TBD  

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