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Ferguson as a Case Study in Persuasion

  • Carlson School of Management 321 19th Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55455 United States (map)

Presenters and panelists include: Matt Apuzzo, Marc Olivier Baruch, Jonathan Salem Baskin, Avner Ben-Ner, Susanna Blumenthal, John Borrows, Jonathan Capehart, June Carbone, Fara Gold, Commissioner Shawntera Hardy, Brian Herron, Claire Hill, Matthew Hutson, Garry Jenkins, Hon. Mark Kappelhoff, Howard Lavine, Christy Lopez, Art Markman, Robert Moossy, Hon. Jed Rakoff, Chris Roberts, Ebony Ruhland, and Tracy Schmaler

Description: Our society’s ability to have productive dialogues about important social issues is at a nadir. We don’t know how to productively disagree with each other, and we certainly don’t know how to persuade. This conference seeks to engage scholars and practitioners with varying experiences and backgrounds in a discussion of their attempts to persuade and their views as to what works, what doesn’t, and why. 

Our launching point is the Ferguson reports, prepared and presented in a context where the findings were sure to be strongly challenged by people with contrary prior beliefs and an enormous amount at stake in maintaining those beliefs. This symposium examines those reports, using them as a case study in how people are, or are not, persuaded regarding high profile incidents that raise complex and sensitive societal issues. The symposium should demonstrate that taking a more critical perspective about one’s own assumptions and biases (about, among other things, race, class, and the workings of the police and other governmental institutions) is both warranted and productive.

An application for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit will be submitted.

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