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New Directions in Corporate Governance

  • University of Minnesota Law School (map)

Description: This conference will discuss cutting-edge issues in corporate governance. 

  • For whom are corporations run — just their shareholders, or do other stakeholders matter as well? Which other stakeholders? If other stakeholders’ interests are to be taken into account, how do we achieve that?
  • Given the dramatic changes in how business is conducted, what new models of corporate governance and organization have arisen to reflect and accommodate those changes?
  • How have changes in technology affected how corporations are run and financed? 
  • Finally, the big corporate scandals we have seen suggest that law may be limited in its ability to prevent bad corporate behavior.  Culture is clearly critical.  How do we measure culture? Can we figure out how to change it?

CLE Credits: 5.75 Standard CLE credits have been requested; Event Code #254871

Event info and registration here.