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The Apprehension of Fraud: Policing Deception in Modern America

  • University of Minnesota Law School (map)

Description: Swindlers and salesmen have long been viewed as close cousins in the United States, some going so far as to suggest that con artistry and economic innovation are simply two sides of the same coin in American history. This storyline has recently resurfaced in the popular press to explain our own times: the showman P.T. Barnum is cast as a representative man and fraud is written off as the price we pay for living in a free, open, and entrepreneurial society.

In this lecture, Professor Blumenthal traverses the ambiguous borderland between capitalism and crime, providing an important corrective as she reconsiders the regulatory paths that American lawyers have pursued across time to redress the social harms resulting from misplaced trust. 

CLE Credits: 1 Standard CLE credit will be requested.

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